Vimwebdev, a bundle of web-development plugins for vim

2 minute read Published: 2010-08-23

Lo and behold, something not very fancy, but perhaps useful

I'm a vim dude, though I still cling to eclipse for django development just because I haven't had the time to read the manual and make the switch. But my ruby and javascript (with node.js ) based projects are proudly developed in vim: from the haml templates to the sass stylesheets to the models and controllers.

And I'm also a paranoid: every day I dread that everything I have in my computer will disappear and I will be lost and forlorn. That's why I have redundant git repos for my really important projects and why I love using Dropbox for my mundane file-related needs.

So I created this github repository which consists of a bundle containing my current vim plugins, with the hope of never losing the vim sexyness I'm used to and to help others make the switch by making it easy to have those nifty plugins without looking all over the internet for 'em and tweaking them to work nicely (some are easy to install, just unzipping in the ~/.vim folder, others require moving files and editing them until they keep their promises).

So, there you have, geek world, a somewhat painless way to start developing in vim like the powers that be intended.