Hacking it up with node.js and couchdb

2 minute read Published: 2010-08-06

Yesterday, while being super-productive in my main project, I stumbled upon (pun intented) thingler and realie, both of which made me say "holy mackerel, this node.js hype looks extra rad!" So a fellow dev and I decided to start a little project to learn this awesome stuff. Maybe sometime in a future in a possible universe I'll post more about that.

Node.js has two major niceties: it brings javascript to the server side thus allowing developers to stop being bilingual -and thus never quite good in one language or the other- and focus on being extra proficient in one language for both server and client sides. And two, is totally asynchronous! non-blocking and truly multiple threaded.

CouchDB, is a schema-less, no-sql, waddayacallit database server: instead of being relational and having tables and structures and whatnot, it stores JSON strings representing objects. Thus, your javascript prowess can even be applied to the database! RAD.