Teaching about git and github with a nice blog post

2 minute read Published: 2010-10-16

Today, I was writing a tutorial for a class I'm teaching on how to use git+github for group projects. We had a lab earlier so I already knew which things needed more support (like diagrams or screen-captures) and which needed real-life code results.

First of all, I had to create a github alter-ego to show the collaborative side of things (forking, adding remotes, resolving conflicts). I found this question on stackoverflow that pointed to some github guides that showed how to manage multiple accounts in one computer (the ssh authentication was the real issue here).

Well, anyway, forth with the writing.

First, I wanted nice code output. Easy: I write everything in markdown so, there.

Then, I wanted nice graphs that I could edit on the internerd and share easily. I found gliffy which is a nice little app that does just that.

Ok, a real challenge: I work on an ubuntu machine and wanted something like skitch: to take screen captures, annotate them and upload them somewhere to have those images easily shareable. And a quick google gave an awesome answer: shutter. It's super easy to integrate with your machine and even offers flickr integration, so I had a cool tool and an easy way to share the captures!